ethical code

Respectfull travel

Besides our tourism activity,
we at ‘Nature & Terroir’ adhere to an Ethical Code
and support a number of local initiatives

Holding fast to our ethical values,
‘Nature & Terroir’ invite our clients
to offset their ecological footprint by supporting one or another environmental project.

We organize nature travels, and we want to share and to enhance ethical values as to safeguard the future of Nature, so precious to all of us.

RESPECT for Nature is the first and foremost of these values. We therefore invite you to avoid as much as possible disturbing the animal species you observe, while travelling, taking pictures...

Likewise, we invite you to refrain from buying any kind of souvenir items made of protected living resources, to manage your rubbish in an appropriate manner, to save as much as possible local resources which can be so scarce for the local communities, and to respect the rules and traditions of the local populations.

Pour de plus amples indications sur l’éthique que nous préconisons, veuillez vous référer
à notre Code d’éthique.

Carbon Compensation

A few euros for the environment


We have selected for you ’CO2logic’, the Belgian partner most recommended by ‘Inter Environnement Wallonie’ and Brussels Free University.

How to proceed? It is very simple: calculate here https://www.co2logic.com/fr the total emissions of carbon into the atmosphere resulting from your travel. By spending a few euros, you can then support several CO2-offset projects in Africa and/or in Belgium.

Here are a few examples of projects which you can support this way (projects with the ‘Gold Standard’ or UNFCCC (United Nations) certification):

  • fighting against deforestation and desertification in Uganda and Northern Benin;
  • supporting local populations to access drinkable water in Kenya;
  • in RDC, the ‘Ecomakala Virunga Project’ combines afforestation and increasing energetic efficiency;
  • fighting against biodiversity degradation, desertification, hunger and emigration in Burkina Faso.

Closer to home, you can also contribute to the fundraising actions of the ‘Be Planet Foundation’, with the aim of sponsoring citizen initiatives as well as local, innovative and sustainable projects with a positive impact on the environment, or support projects developed by ‘GoodPlanet’, an association which provides training and develops educative materials about all themes linked to sustainable development.

Set your counters! Thank you!

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