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30 years of experience

Established in 1987

‘Nature & Terroir’ was born in December 1987, at the initiative of three good friends, all with a passion for Nature and discovery.

Their objective was to set up a structure linking together likeminded people wishing to lead tours and share their knowledge (ornithology, plant life, environment…).

The company keeps growing and expanding with time. Our first travels were in Belgium, France, Germany… we soon added more remote corners of the world to our portfolio of destinations (in Europe, but also in Nepal, Patagonia, India, Quebec…). One of the three founders, Alain Bouchat, is hired part-time by the company to follow-up the growing volume of activity. ‘Nature & Terroir’ is granted an official tour operator licence.

The volume of activities increasing


A first, full-time tour leader is hired by the company, soon followed by a second one (Jean-Philippe Liégeois). Following the growing success, more tour leaders will join the staff… There are around twenty of them today!

The future...

The number of our front and back office collaborators also keeps growing.

They were only two of them at the beginning, later joined by a third person, and today, a staff of six members is there to manage a portfolio of some 60 destinations a year. Most of our travels are still conceived by our tour leaders.

A beautiful story that continues to unfold more and more pages… thanks to you!

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