Argentina's Lakes, Coast & Total Solar Eclipse

On 14th December 2020 a total solar eclipse passes over central Argentina. On this exciting tour we will not only position ourselves under the line of totality to witness this spectacular celestial event, but also go in search of Argentina’s abundant wildlife. We begin on the shores of the saline lake of Mar Chiquita in the heart of the country, home to flocks of Chilean Flamingoes, Coscoroba Swans, numerous waders and other birds, before heading up into the mountains of the nearby Quebrada del Condorito National Park in search of Andean Condors. We then move to the coast for four nights as we explore Peninsula Valdes, one of Argentina’s top wildlife sites. Here we will visit the huge Magellanic Penguin colony at Punta Tombo and will look for the Orcas that often patrol the coast to the north. The tour is then rounded off beneath the line of totality from where, weather permitting, we hope to be treated to one of the most breathtaking of natural events, a total solar eclipse.  

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Responsable Destination

Contacter Colette

+32 71 84 54 80

Présente le mardi et vendredi toute la journée

Dates & Prix

3rd Dec 2020 - 17th Dec 2020 - 8346€

What's Included?

- Flights

- Accommodation:
A mix of comfortable, but mostly simple, guesthouses, hotels and lodges. All rooms have private facilities. 

- Food:
All included in the price from dinner on Day 2 to breakfast on Day 14. 


Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Depart London
Day 2: Arrive Buenos Aires, fly Cordoba & overnight
Day 3/4: Mar Chiquita
Day 5/6: Quebrada del Condorito National Park
Day 7/8: Trelew
Day 9/10: Peninsula Valdez. Overnight Puerto Piramides
Day 11: Las Grutas
Day 12: Solar Eclipse. Overnight Las Grutas
Day 13: Buenos Aires
Day 14: Depart Buenos Aires
Day 15: Arrive London

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Infos pratiques

Responsable destination

Colette :
+32 71 84 54 80

Présente le mardi et vendredi toute la journée


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